Poems and Poets of the 1800s

Some of the most famous poets and poems of the 1800s were:

Edgar Allan Poe - Annabel Lee - Annabel Lee was a poem about the death of Edgar Allan Poe's bride. This piece of writing has become one of the most popular poems written by Poe.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Paul Revere's Ride - Paul Revere's Ride is a poem about Paul Revere's midnight ride as a messenger right before the battle of Lexington and Concord. 

Walt Whitman - Song of Myself - This poem is used as an opening poem in
Leaves of Grass and at first it didn't have a title. 

Emily Dickinson - Because I Could Not Stop for Death - In this poem, Emily Dickinson personifies death and gives it human characteristics. Most people are afraid of death and try to avoid it, but Emily Dickinson approaches it with confidence as if it was a gentleman.

Julia Ward Howe - the Battle Hymn of the Republic - This was written during the American civil war after Julia Ward Howe visited a Union Army camp.